[2008-02-15] The lights beyond the hills

Agent Cooper spies a mysterious light from beyond a wooded hill the night Major Briggs is abducted.
A girl from the X-files pilot episode spies a similar light in an almost identical shot.

Much has been made of the historical, aesthetic, and thematic connections between Twin Peaks and The X-Files. Something I only noticed recently, however, is the more-or-less direct derivation of one of The X-files' key visuals from an episode of Twin Peaks. Shown here are a frame from Twin Peaks season 2, episode 10, in which Agent Cooper confronts a mysterious bright white light in the woods the night of Major Briggs' disappearance, and a frame from The X-Files pilot episode in which an Oregon teenager confronts an almost identical light in an almost identical shot. This image would go on to become almost synonymous with The X-Files, yet that's not really where it began.

last modified 2008-02-15