[2008-04-28] Autobot switchplate cast from scrap aluminum

Autobot symbol in quarter-inch sandcast plate aluminum with raised details and appropriate piercings installed over a lightswitch.

This is my first successful sand casting in aluminum. The pattern was assembled from 1/8" acrylic pieces laser-cut for me by Dana Bishop of The Mamacoke Works. I have built a "charcoal foundry" following the late great Dave Gingery's book and I use it to melt aluminum scrap. The molten metal is then poured into a green sand mold prepared, again, following the techniques in Gingery's book. The mold is arranged such that the sprue protrudes from the unseen rear face of the plate. It is cut off after the mold is broken using a hacksaw and the defect ground flush with a bench grinder. The mounting holes are then drilled through at dimples molded in by the pattern, and countersunk, using a drill press.

Front and back faces of switchplate scanned at high resolution, with scale.

I do sell these. Asking price is $25 each. E-mail me for details and to discuss shipping and payment arrangements.

last modified 2008-04-28