The LEGO company prefers that you refer to their product not as "LEGOs" but as "LEGO brand bricks or blocks." I have a lot of respect for the LEGO company but I called 'em "LEGOs" when I was a kid and have a hard time putting that down. The generic LEGO" is my compromise solution. If you're interested in design and yet ignorant of what the adult LEGO enthusiast community is up to on the web, you're really missing out. The system, with its vast catalog of ubiquitous standard elements, is an augury of the post-fabrication-revolution future. You may not be able to afford a 3D printer or laser-cutter yet, but you can probably afford a few LEGO blocks, and if you're willing to spend the time to click the pieces together, you can start downloading amazing objects to clutter up your shelves right now.